Powering Proactive Healthcare

At KangarooHealth, we believe remote care has the power to close patient care gaps and enable data-driven proactive intervention.

That’s why we build intuitive remote care solutions that are proven in the real world– solutions designed to be hassle-free and high impact for our customers. Because better care outcomes begin with a better care experience.

Our Story

Proven on healthcare frontlines for 9 years

KangarooHealth was founded by Dr. Xiaoxu Kang in 2015, while finishing her doctorate and receiving surgical training at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Kang was inspired by a traumatic experience with her father’s care after an elbow surgery. A lack of simple follow-up and monitoring measures led to her father ultimately losing mobility in his arm, an outcome that should have been easy to avoid.

The ordeal led Dr. Kang to create KangarooHealth, with the goal of reducing adverse events like the one her family experienced and improving consistent, proactive care for all.

As KangarooHealth has grown, we’ve remained committed to being a true partner to our customers, listening to pressing needs from providers on care frontlines and patients in their living rooms. As a result, KangarooHealth is the most comprehensive, configurable and intuitive remote care solution on the market. We’ve even built out our own monitoring clinician teams and billing support to service providers without creating additional burden for customers.

Our Team

Meet the KangarooHealth team

Key medical advisors

Dr. Andrew Fang

Dr. Andrew Fang

Chair of Orthopedic Surgery
Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Albert Wang

Dr. Albert Wang

Chairman of Board
Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Dr. Tommy Ibrahim

Dr. Tommy Ibrahim

Former President and CEO of Bassett
Healthcare Systems

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