The Premier Remote Patient Monitoring Solution for RHCs and FQHCs

KangarooHealth is a plug-and-play remote care solution that fits the unique needs of rural health clinics. We provide everything you need (devices, staff, platforms) to improve care, and boost revenue, without burdening staff. 

Founded in 2015, trusted by hundreds of providers nationwide

Unlock the Care and Revenue Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Medicare's recent reimbursement expansion now includes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Rural Health Clinics (RHCs), at a higher rate than other types of clinics. Find out how your clinic could benefit by setting up time to chat.

What KangarooHealth Can Do for You:

Reduce Adverse Events and ER Visits

Our platform, coupled with on-demand clinicians, analyzes health changes in real-time, enabling early warning sign detection and proactive intervention to prevent adverse events and unnecessary ER visits.

Decrease No-Show Rates

KangarooHealth RPM and CCM facilitates consistent monitoring and communication between visits, fostering patient accountability and reducing missed appointments in the office.

Improve Compliance and Outcomes

Leveraging smart devices and personalized follow-up, KangarooHealth ensures daily vital sign monitoring and boosts medication adherence, empowering patients to actively participate in their care for improved outcomes and satisfaction.

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Fully reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance, our solution offers providers a significant revenue boost. Combining RPM and CCM services maximizes reimbursement potential while delivering comprehensive patient care.

With KangarooHealth RPM and CCM, you can enhance the quality of care while boosting your clinic's financial health—all without overburdening your staff.

Set up a time with us to learn how your clinic could benefit.

How it works

KangarooHealth makes everything simple


Refer Patients Easily

Prescribe KangarooHealth remote patient monitoring to an established patient, like any prescription. Referrals take one minute in our platform, or one-click in an integrated EMR.


Effortless Enrollment

KangarooHealth handles enrollment seamlessly. We verify coverage, distribute devices to patient homes, and guide them through setup in a 10-minute call.


Comprehensive Monitoring

Our remote monitoring clinicians oversee monitoring, escalating and engaging as needed. Your staff is alerted during office hours only when necessary.


Improved Care, Increased Revenue

Gain actionable insights through monthly reports integrated into your EMR. Streamline reimbursement with our billing reports, or opt for full revenue cycle management service for added ease.


Our complete remote patient monitoring solution

Learn More

The leading platform, configured for your needs

Our platform includes rich libraries of disease-specific care management intake and follow-up templates, enabling health coaches to focus on patient care and education, removing clerical burden and saving time.

Manage any chronic condition, or combination

Our platform can be configured for any chronic condition–in the case of PCM–or any combination of chronic conditions for CCM. Your staff or our on-demand clinical monitors follow any changes in health or symptoms throughout the month.

Streamlined managed services

We verify patient benefits within the same day of patient referral, patient enrollment is completed within 24-48 hours. New providers can complete onboarding and go live within two weeks.

Coachingthat makes a difference

Our CCM/PCM care plan templates, goal setting and omni-channel communication options make it a breeze for either your staff, or our clinical monitors to help patients make real progress in their goals.

The leading RPM platform, configured for you

Our RPM platform is the most complete and configurable platform on the market, and works with the systems you already have in place. We easily integrate with your EMRs and billing software, and tailor our platform to your existing care protocols.

50+ conditions supported 

Our remote patient monitoring solution not only covers 50+ common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, COPD, and heart failure, but also allows configurable care plans and risk stratification tiers for any chronic condition. Our RPM condition coverage is 10x the next competitor.

100+ cellular connected device integrations

Our integrated devices,  such as cellular blood pressure monitor, weight scale, pulse oximeter, glucometers, are 4G powered cellular devices and approved by the FDA. They transmit measurements in real time to our RPM platform straight out of the box, without needing Bluetooth or internet. New devices are shipped to patient homes via a 2-day shipping.

On-demand clinical monitoring and billing services

We know your team is already stretched, so we provide on-demand managed services to ensure your success at every step without burdening your staff. Managed services include eligibility verification, patient enrollment, clinical monitoring, care escalation and billing.

Streamlined onboarding process

We verify patient benefit eligibility within the same day of patient referral, patient enrollment is completed within 48 hours, and patients receive their devices with two-day shipping. New providers can complete onboarding and go live within two weeks.

Engage patients and caregivers via remote care app

Patients enrolled in RPM can view their real-time progress and receive reminders through our intuitive patient app. Approved family members can also access the app to stay up to date on their loved ones’ health. Participation in the app is optional per patients’ preferences.

Better care for patients, new revenue for your business. A true win-win.

Explore our FAQ's

Is RPM the same as telehealth?

No, Remote Patient Monitoring is considered a separate service and could be complementary to any telehealth you provide. RPM has monthly recurring reimbursements with different CPT codes, and is not encounter based.

What are the patient qualifications for RPM?

Per your care focus, KangarooHealth helps you identify clinically qualified patients. General guidelines include:

• Patients may have a chronic condition, like heart disease, or an acute condition, like asthma. Most patients enrolled in RPM have at least one long-term chronic condition.
• RPM program members must be established patients who you have had a prior evaluation and management service with (this can occur in person or over telehealth).
• Patients may not be currently enrolled in another RPM program.
• Nursing home patients do qualify for RPM.

Is there any patient out of pocket expense for this program?

Most patients’ insurance plans fully cover RPM benefits without any co-pays. However, some patients may have a co-pay or other minimum financial responsibility. KangarooHealth gains patient consent for financial responsibility prior to enrollment in the program.

How intuitive is the program for senior patients?

Very! We ship cellular devices to patients’ homes. The cellular devices transmit measurements in real time without any dependency on smartphones, internet or Bluetooth. We also communicate with patients using the channel they prefer, including phone, SMS, in-app messaging and/or telehealth.


Who pays for the devices?

RPM devices are usually on a leasing model, which are usually covered by RPM reimbursements to providers.
KangarooHealth also allows providers to purchase the devices upfront.

How is data collected from the devices?

KangarooHealth utilizes cellular-connected devices, which removes the dependency for internet, Bluetooth, or a smartphone. Straight out of the box, these devices can send data directly to our RPM platform.

How secure is patient data?

KangarooHealth takes patient data security very seriously. Our platform utilizes AWS HIPAA-compliant servers and KangarooHealth is HIPAA and SOC2 certified. We adhere to industry best practices on incident management, database security, and privacy.


What are the RPM CPT codes? What is the reimbursement rate?

RPM Reimbursement: $130-$200+ Per Patient Per Month

Medicare: all cover RPM. 
Commercial Plans:
many cover RPM, and their reimbursements rates are typically 50% higher than Medicare.

Provider Billable CPT
Average Medicare Rates
One-time (Enrollment)
Monthly Recurring Data Collection
Monthly Recurring PPPM
First 20 min. of monitoring
Monthly Recurring PPPM
Additional 20 min. of monitoring
(up to 2 units)
*KangarooHealth does not bill patients or payors

When do reimbursements begin?

Our customers usually receive their first monthly reimbursement within 30-45 days of their first submission to commercial insurance or Medicare.

Who handles the billing? Who gets the reimbursements?

Providers are required to submit the RPM claims monthly to get reimbursements. Most of our customers choose to handle billing on their own in reference to the easy-to-use reports provided each month by KangarooHealth. KangarooHealth also offers full revenue cycle management service on request, using providers’ billing software.

All reimbursements are only payable to providers, not KangarooHealth.

Is RPM encounter based?

No, RPM is not encounter based. When KangarooHealth provides monthly monitoring, your staff do not need to get in touch with patients for RPM each month.

Getting started

How long does it take to launch with a new client?

KangarooHealth can have your program up and running within two weeks. We have a streamlined onboarding process that involves just 2-3 hours of online onboarding time required by your staff.

How long does it take to enroll a new patient?

Referring patients to RPM takes a few clicks if we’ve completed a simple integration with your EMR. If your staff is using the KangarooHealth platform for referrals it typically takes less than one minute. 

KangarooHealth does benefit verification and distributes the devices. Patients can usually begin using their devices within 24-48 hours after referral.

Do I have to hire monitoring staff to utilize the program?

No, KangarooHealth provides U.S.-based expert remote monitoring staff available for our customers. If you have the staff to do your own monitoring and prefer that set up, your team can use the intuitive KangarooHealth platform to monitor and triage. KangarooHealth provides corresponding training.



Our RPM platform is the most complete and configurable platform...


Our RPM platform is the most complete and configurable platform...


Our RPM platform is the most complete and configurable platform...