Remote Care for the Real World

KangarooHealth delivers plug-and-play, complete solutions for remote monitoring and chronic condition management. Improve care and boost provider revenue, without additional burden on staff.

Founded in 2015, trusted by hundreds of providers nationwide

My patients appreciate the extra care that comes with remote patient monitoring…It's been very easy to refer patients for services and my reimbursements continue to grow month after month.

Dr. James Lundin
KangarooHealth customer
Lead Physician, Blue Diamond Physical Medicine
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A proven remote care solution

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Your one-stop remote care solution

We provide devices, platforms, staffing, and billing needed to launch successful Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM), Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Principal Care Management (PCM) programs per your care needs.
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Plug-and-play for providers, intuitive for patients

A comprehensive solution with everything you need from day one: configurable best-in-class platforms, devices with cellular connectivity, omni-channel communication (SMS, phone, video and in-app messages), managed services (monitoring and billing support).

Improve care across 50+ conditions

Our remote care solutions are the most flexible on the market and can be configured for your care protocols for any chronic / acute condition, such as hypertension, diabetes, COPD, heart failure, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain,  and many more.

Unlock a new income stream for your business

We enable monthly recurring reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurances, or new subscription incomes, without adding to your staff's workload. Go live in less than two weeks.


The most comprehensive, flexible remote care on the market

100+ connected device integrations
On-demand monitoring clinicians
50+ conditions supported
Best-in-class billing and security compliance
Easy EMR integration and monthly reports
Complete remote care (RPM, RTM, CCM, PCM)
Customizable care escalation and risk stratification
Intuitive app for patients and family
Omni-channel communication (video, phone, SMS, in-app messages)
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How it works

KangarooHealth makes everything simple


Refer qualifying patients

You prescribe KangarooHealth remote care programs to a patient, similar to writing a prescription. KangarooHealth verifies eligibility, contacts patients, and distributes devices. Upon device arrival, we guide patients through a 10-minute onboarding call.


We monitor, escalate and engage

KangarooHealth remote monitoring clinicians provide full patient monitoring, escalation, and engagement services on your behalf. Your staff is alerted only when necessary.


You see improved care and more revenue

Your providers gain actionable insights via monthly reports from KangarooHealth platforms to your EMR. Easy-to-use billing reports streamline your monthly reimbursements. Full revenue cycle management service is also available.

Better care for patients, new revenue for your business. A true win-win.

What our customers say

KangarooHealth remote patient monitoring platform is very intuitive, and the cellular devices are very easy for our senior patients. KangarooHealth customer success team is highly responsive. KangarooHealth has dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Dr. Nwokoro
Lead Primary Care Physician, Dayton Internal Medicine

After vetting most of the RPM solutions on the market, KangarooHealth is undoubtedly the most outstanding one we trust, for its full compliant, comprehensive, and configurable platform, senior-proof cellular devices, and licensed monitoring clinicians.

Dr. Dave Barrett
Owner, Denville Medical